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Anonymous: My boyfriend is always talking to girls. I know he's not flirting but it's annoying when he talks to them longer than he talks to me. I've told him it makes me feel un wanted, but he won't stop. It's this one girl he talks to everyday. What do I do?

If he can’t respect your wishes, show him better than you can tell him. Leave. Men who act single should be single.

Anonymous: I've recently started sleeping with one of my guy friend's, the thing is that every time we have sex, he never seems to remember it (we've been drunk everytime we've had sex) the next time I see him and we're back to being just friends instead of fuck buddies. Does it seem like he's just saying he doesn't remember? If so, what reason could he have...?

That’s a good question. I would hate to think he’s just using you for sex without the actual “commitment” of a friend with benefits.
I doubt he gets that drunk to the point where he doesn’t remember. It kind of sounds like he’s ashamed. Are you ashamed? Do you two HAVE to get drunk in order to have sex?

Anonymous: is it possible for your nipples to be so soft tjat when you push the, they go in I dont have any nipples my doctor told me that they would possibly stick out when I start breastfeeding

Hmm, interesting. Never heard of that before; but if you’ve sought out your doctor about it, I would trust his word. He does have the PhD for a reason :)

Anonymous: what can i do to keep my fuck buddy interested in fucking me,as in switching things up or improving my sex skills?

Well, I wouldn’t know that I would go all out for just a sex buddy, as that’s all they are. Someone to get off with when you are just feeling like it or have no one else. So I thought. Are you sure it’s not more than just a “fuck buddy”? I go all out for my girlfriend, but that’s another story.

Anonymous: I'm 20 and have only had sex with one boy (lost my virginity at 18) and my best friend makes me feel bad because I'm not a sexually active person. I just don't think I can handle casual sex so I choose not to do it but she makes me feel embarrassed about it, what do I do?

Tell her to go fuck off with her slutty self. There’s nothing wrong with you for not wanting to sleep around. It’s your body, your choice. She needs to respect that and pray for her misused vagina.

Anonymous: Is ot normal for a girl to cum quickly? I think there is a problem lol me and my boyfriend tried foreplay and then tried without it and within a mintue I orgasm and don't want to go any further.

Normal? What’s normal anyway? Girl love it! Most women would envy you if they knew you. Lol.

Anonymous: me and my boyfriend have been together for some months and i was thinking, how do I sext? we have never done that and I think it would be a fun thing to do. do you have any good advice??

Just go with the flow. It shouldn’t be something you overthink.
Start off by talking about the things you would like to do to each other and as you get more comfortable, go into further detail.

Anonymous: So my boyfriend and I decided to do something more than making out. I think that he's going to finger me but I've realised that my vagina always does not smell good. What should I do in order to stop this smell? I don't want to go to a doctor! :(

Shave or wax and shower before he arrives.
If it’s really a pungent smell and it still persists after you’ve showered, then make a gynecologist appointment.

Anonymous: So I was masturbating and got really wet but when I smelled my finger the smell was like ammonia so I'm sort of scared.

Have you gone to the doctor? If you haven’t, GO. Ammonia is a really strong smell and there’s nothing normal about your vagina smelling like that. I would make an appointment immediately.

Anonymous: When you get really wet where exactly is that moist liquid coming from?

What do you mean? Are you asking me on some scientifically or just literally? It’s coming from your vagina, love. The same place you bleed from.